setup for this fall

July 31, 2012 by castlesmusic | 0 comments

coming soonnnnn. will have lots of time to devote to sounding really cool live and making new songs. happy songs.

on the right laptop and apc. floor, dd7 + os2 + rc20. amp behind me w/ geetah. sparse setup but it’ll be soooo good!!!

jan’ll be back next year so even better.
need to read up on harmonica – there’s gotta be a way to do horns without needing some big heavyass instrument or synths.

oh yeah i forgot to draw a keyboard in there too, a baby midi keyboard. damn that’s a lot to carry

August 9, 2011
by castlesmusic
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Music is all finished. We’re working on cover art now and hand-making the cases. Rowboat Villainy out all over the internets. Hurray! Time for arts and crafts.